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Spike Hike from the Club Penguin team has recently published a follow up article to “My Penguin Sneak Peek” which was posted on May 1st. The post begins with Spike Hike mentioning that we have all commented on something unusual in his sneak peek picture – what’s the plate of sushi for?
Club Penguin “Mmmm Sushi” Official Blog Post

The sushi is really part of a new game exclusively on the My Penguin application for iPad that comes out later this month – next week to be precise. When you use the app by reading a blog post, watching a video or playing a game, you get rewarded with sushi. Per piece of sushi, you get a go at Sushi Drop. You can drop your sushi and nudge it by tapping to make bubbles in the water.

Club Penguin “Mmmm Sushi” Official Blog Post

If you hit a fish on the way down, you earn coins. On the water’s bottom, there are clams hungry to eat your sushi. (Wait, do clams eat sushi??!!) The bigger the clam, the bigger your reward.

Club Penguin “Mmmm Sushi” Official Blog Post

You can earn coins and even items by playing, and the items you can win can are only available in Sushi Drop!! It’s quick, fun, and a great way to earn rewards that you can use in Club Penguin!!

Club Penguin “Mmmm Sushi” Official Blog Post

This application comes out on May 9th for iPad, and later on other devices. I cannot wait for the application, but really I’m going to be waiting for it to be released for Android devices so I can use my tablet to play Club Penguin. Spike Hike ends the post by saying this is only the beginning, expect more for mobile later this year.

What do you think about My Penguin? Be sure to comment below seeing as we love to hear from you and your penguin buddies.

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