Cpps list.

Hey everyone!

Here is our cpps list. Updated every week.

Atlantic Penguin

Status:  Online 

Home:  http://atlanticpenguin.com/

Register:  http://atlanticpengu.in/register/

Play:  http://atlanticpengu.in/play/

Club Penguin Your Server

Status:  Online

Home:  http://cpcheatscp.com/

Register:  http://cpcheatscp.com/register

Play:  http://cpcheatscp.com/play

iWaddle v2

Status:  Online

Home:  http://iwaddle.me

Register: http://secure.iwaddle.me/create

Play:  http://iwaddle.me/play/


Status:  Online

Home:  cpps.me

Register:  http://secure.cpps.me/?page=reg

Play:  http://media.cpps.me/play/

Manage:  http://secure.iwaddle.me/manage


Status:  Online

Home:  http://www.cpps.se/

Register:  http://cpps.se/register

Play:  http://cpps.se/play


Status:  Online

Home:  http://cpps.pro/

Register:  http://cpps.pro/signup/

Play:  http://cpps.pro/play/

Penguin Oasis

Status:  Online

Home:  http://oasis.ps/

Register:  http://oasis.ps/join

Play:  http://play.oasis.ps/

iCarry CPPS

Status:  Online

Home:  http://ubox.im/

Register:  http://ubox.im/register/

Play:  http://ubox.im/play/




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